Mi Casa Es Su Casa


This is the name of my radio station (IceCast) broadcasting the sweet sounds of Jamaica.



A place for music and much more! Updates on the radio, especially icecast, will be here soon.



Are you curious to find out where to find me? Go to with an IRC client and look!


Latest Articles

June, 2013

HorizonFM Radio

Check this out and listen to live DJ's every weekend! Find the DJs and staff at, port 6767 »

January, 2013

ShoutCast 2 Panel

Full radio and Panel User management, storing all relevant information in a mysql database. »

December, 2012

IceCast 2

The best software for your radio station. Switch between live DJs and AutoDJ without a glitch! »

External Resources

August, 2012

TrackZ Radio

A new IceCast radio station was created, Ogg Vorbis and MP3 streams!»

July, 2012


Machine data. Big Data. Search, analysis and visualisations. »

May, 2012

PFunk Radio

Drum and Bass radio station has moved to IceCast now called Trackz FunkyIdeaz »

News and Updates

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IRC services
Inspircd, Atheme Services, and Anope Stats Services run for FunkyIdeaz and

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A few changes to the tcl code was implemented as the mysql connections were growing too fast.

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Debian 7
Debian released a new verion of their superior operating system. It is just Sexy!

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Iptables / NetFilter
New rules to the firewall were tested and successfully implemented.